Saturday, April 17, 2004

me = geek
My CD collection has been in alphabetical order for years. It always seemed like the smartest way to set it up, and there seems to be agreement with this setup on ILM (for further proof, go here, here, here, and here). But over the past couple of years, I've been buying up albums under different styles of music, and it no longer makes sense to have everything mashed up together. So I've decided to split my collection up by genre. Of course, this can lead to very VERY lame questions about where certain albums should fall, but that really only concerns me, and I'm not about to share that level of geekiness.
My real reason for wanting to move things around is that I find that when I'm in the mood for jazz, for example, I'll just check out my more recent jazz purchases instead of looking through to see what all I actually own. So I decided to put jazz and blues into it's own section. Then I did the same for soul/reggae (since I don't own that much reggae, but expect to get more in the near future, I figured it would sit well in this new spot). Now I'm planning on doing a very general electronic section and a hip hop section. I'll leave everything else as the rest, I guess.
All of this means that my girlfriend may never find anything again because she won't know where it sits on the shelves, but for me, finding CDs will be WAY easier. One warning: it's a hell of a project to take on, and can take quite awhile to rearrange everything.

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