Sunday, February 01, 2004

Innocent unless you're Michael Jackson
Seems Judge Vincent Gaughan is going to allow R. Kelly to attend the Grammy Awards (where he's been nominated for two awards), but was told to stay away from one time collaborator Michael Jackson. The article I've linked states that neither the prosecution or defence even raised the issue, meaning that Judge Gaughan came up with this himeself. But this leads to a few questions. What is the judge suggesting by disallowing Kelly from interacting with Jackson? Isn't this making a suggestion about Jackson's case that a judge should steer clear from doing? I could see Judge Gaughan telling Kelly to steer clear of the Olsen twins (as joked about at the MTV awards), but this comment just strikes me as being really odd and rather unprofessional on Judge Gaughan's part. And even if both were found guilty, and currently awaiting sentence, what would two men guilty of this crime talk about that would be so bad? Maybe the judge is worried about them scoping the room together.

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