Thursday, January 22, 2004

Eye Magazine's 2003 Critic's Poll results are up on the site now. Nothing really surprising about the results, though it's always nice to see so many Canadian acts doing well on a year-end poll (Canadians fared quite well on the Pitchfork poll as well). Also great to see the Jim Guthrie album getting enough love to place at number 10. The only downside to the poll results is that they didn't draw any quotations from Mark P's submission, as he had some very insightful views about the year in music (though he's also failed to put them on his blog!).

This week's Eye Magazine also annouces the following show:

DIZZEE RASCAL w/ Sassa'le. Mod Club Theatre, 722 College. Feb 5.

All I can say to that is, for those people living in Toronto (or the Toronto area), GO GO GO GO GO GO GO!!!!! Even if you haven't heard the album, do NOT miss out on this opportunity.

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