Saturday, January 17, 2004

The Elected - Me First (Sub Pop) release date: February 4, 2004
The Elected's debut album could be classified as indie-country with singer Blake Sinnett doing his best impression of Conor Oberst from the Bright Eyes. None of this should come as a surprise since Blake Sinnett is from the band Rilo Kiley, a band whose last album was released on the Bright Eyes label Saddle Creek, and who created music that was a cross between indie rock and country. Sinnett's sweet vocals help tell stories familiar to many, be they to ex-girlfriends about finding a new love, or tales between friends. Comparing Sinnett's vocals is not necessarily a compliment (I've never understood BE's success at all), because like Oberse, when Sinnett gets excited, his voice becomes quite loud, overbearing, and out of tune. Though most of the album comes off as a quietly melodic affair, The Elected decide to lose their mind on "Go On," a song which opens with out-of-place electronic beats but soon get on track with a more wailing guitar and an ecstatic Sinnett. The problem with The Elected is that they want to have too many influences. Their bio suggests they find solace from both the Midnight Cowboy soundtrack and the Aphex Twin. Sadly, their attempts at integrating any sort of electro-flavouring sounds like a band trying too hard . . . and failing. The tracks led by a twanging guitar and a more indie-folk feel is where the band succeeds. It is their attempts outside of the indie-country setting, be it through electro beats and distorted vocals, that ruins an otherwise entertaining album.

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