Friday, February 18, 2005

Reggae fans (or people interesting in buying more reggae) ought to check out Greensleeves homepage. The UK Reggae label devoted to Deejay classics and killer comps (see the Ragga Ragga Ragga comps for proof) is having a deal right now where the shipping is free, and for North Americans, no VAT! I know, lame that I'm promoting an online shop, but the label has introduced me to one of the best reggae artists I've ever heard: Dr. Alimantado. Employing rhythms from various sources (Horace Andy, Gregory Isaacs, and more) for his own productions, and bearing a unique gift of the gab, Alimantado adds humour and dread that, in the 70s, sold well to the UK punks. Sadly, his name doesn't seem to be mentioned as much anymore, and it was only through various searches on ILM that I noticed his name popping up here and there. His album, The Best Dressed Chicken In Town is essential to any reggae fan. I'm eagerly waiting to get Born for a Purpose, which Greensleeves reissued last year.
Also worth noting is that the February issue of Mojo came with a free CD called the Roots of the Sex Pistols, which included Alimantado's brilliant "Born for a Purpose/Reason for Living" track. The notes in the CD sleeve mention that Alimantado will be releasing a compilation of early singles on his label, Keyman Records.
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