Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Have I been living in a cave, or is this album some sort of secret? I can't give Shout! Factory / Sony much credit for the promo of this album, as I haven't seen a thing on this new album until I checked the release date information at Icemagazine's site. The release date is March 1, 2005 and features Burke singing songs written by Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Mick Jagger/Keith Richards and Robbie Robertson, among others. The tracklisting is as follows:

1. I Need Your Love In My Life
2. What Good Am I?
3. It Makes No Difference
4. Let Somebody Love Me
5. After All Of These Years
6. Fading Footsteps
7. At The Crossroads
8. I Got The Blues
9. Make Do With What You Got
10. Wealth Won't Save Your Soul

Considering the fact that Burke's last album, Don't Give Up On Me, was so well put together (both through his singing and the songs written for the album), I expect great things from this new one as well. Great cover photo, too!
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