Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Mozart or Beethoven channelled through a 12 year old kid?
I didn't see this report on 60 Minutes, but this kid fascinates me. Not only is he very well spoken, but the whole story with him playing a cello the first time he ever saw one at the age of 2 (am I reading that correctly?) is insane. Hopefully he's in good hands at Juilliard, though one fears that he might burn himself out quickly.
posted by Jonathan

It's been awhile since I've posted to my blog, but I blame Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. I'd pretend it's ruining my life, but I love playing it far too much to even make such a suggestion. On a music related note, K-Jah West is definitely my favourite station to drive around to, which will cause me to start buying up more reggae/dub music in the near future. Having said that, being chased by the cops with G'N'R's "Welcome To The Jungle" was definitely a highlight of my year.
On a dub note, I highly highly recommend Lee Perry & The Upsetters' double disc Dub-Triptych that just came out on Trojan. This package features Cloak & Dagger (plus three bonus tracks), Black Board Jungle Dub and Revolution Dub. I'm still learning about Perry and dub/reggae in general, but this thread suggests that some reissues of Black Board Jungle Dub have been dodgy in the past. However, my understanding is that Trojan has released the original version on this new compilation.
posted by Jonathan